Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Last night I was reading a magazine called Artful Blogging (can you tell I’m really getting into all this) and I read an article about the woman who writes a blog called It talks about her blogging process and something she wrote about made me pause and think about the way I write my blog (new as it is).  I know that I write my blogs like I’m having a conversation with you, the reader, because that’s how I connect with you and that’s how I connect with the blogs I like to read.  However, a few years ago, back when MySpace was popular, I was writing blogs about scenes and how the world went on around me.  I was very descriptive and always enjoyed writing in that format.  I wanted the reader to feel like they were there with me.  Well life happened and I stopped writing and completely forgot how I used to write.  Today’s post is going to be the short story (or blog within a blog – look at me getting all complex and stuff!) about making dinner last night (for those who don’t know I’m not really the best cook in the world).  Enjoy!
Vegetable and Chicken Fried Rice:
Sharp blade in hand I delicately slice the small white onion in front of me. Its layers splay out across the white cutting board blending in. The perfect little cubes of onion I had indented on making are now shaped more like parallelograms or other random four sided shapes that don’t already have a name. The fumes rise up from the onion, and my unprotected eyes begin to water. I wipe the tears away with the back of my hand, careful not to poke my eyes out with the sharp tip of the knife I’m still holding. I finish chopping the entire onion and measure out an exact half of a cup in my cheap black Walmart measuring cup leftover from college. I toss the half cup of onions into the frying pan and begin to sauté it along with all of the other ingredients. The aromas emanating from the variety of vegetables cooking in the pan fill my nose and make my stomach growl. I walk over to the computer to double check the recipe. I reread my previous step “one quarter cup of onions.” I pause. I reread the directions a second time and find it has not changed. Apparently, I managed to included twice as many onions as necessary for my recipe. I contemplate my options: throw it out, eat it anyway, double the recipe. I opted to eat it anyway.  Mmmm onions.


Jessica Larson said...

hahahahaha -- double the onions, double the pleasure. i LOVE onions. you can make me fried rice the wrong way anytime :)

Jennifer said...

Well you know, its the statement of a great mint..I mean er...nevermind. Glad you liked it, although I'm still not convinced you'll like the fried rice!