Friday, July 8, 2011


Okay, so, I wrote this whole awesome post about the great time I had last night at the Etsy Craft Night and took these pictures that were supposed to be awesome.  Well then I go to post it here and I'm looking at the pictures and I'm like, how much caffeine did I HAVE last night.  Every shot is slightly blurry, or dark, or has a reflection.  Well, it looks like that post will have to wait until next week, and since I didn't want to disappoint my loyal readers by not posting anything, I'm posting this!

This is a poster listing off a bunch of Mac Shortcuts. I found it on Etsy and you can buy it from birdAve.  

Why do I like this:
  1. Its orange!
  2. Macs are great (so are PCs but they didn't have any PC Shortcut pages)
  3. Um Shortcuts are how I LIVE.  You can move 1000x faster in any program if you know all the shortcut keys!
  4. It has a really modern feel and I think it would be an awesome accessory to your office
  5. I love how everything is sectioned off and that all the lines are crisp and neat
birdAve also has a bunch of other really cool posters too so check it out!

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