Monday, July 4, 2011

Mug Shot - Cup of Liberty

Happy Fourth everyone!  Since it is the day of our independence I thought it would be fitting to feature a cup that reminds us of that.  I’ve spent most of the day singing patriotic songs (and probably annoying my neighbors) and searching the web for an awesome mug that was super American and something I might actually use (no offense to flag themed mug cozies, you’re cute, but not my style).  

This mug I found on Etsy and is made by RedSkyPottery (located in Oklahoma City, doesn’t get more American than that!). I think it’s absolutely fantastic, and when it comes to describing it I don’t even know where to start. Let’s see, first its handmade which is pretty awesome in itself (if I tried to make a cup out of clay it would be lopsided, super thin (to the point of leaking on one side), and probably poisonous…don’t buy pottery from me!), and then I love that the letters that spell out liberty protrude from the mug. It’s such a bold piece, and I think that fits well with our bold country (and bold coffee badump ching!)! Finally it has this great rustic feel to it. You almost expect to see a lumber jack, plaid shirt and all, sipping his black coffee out of it in the morning before he goes off to chop more wood. Plus I think RedSkyPottery’s quote underneath the mug is perfect (and totally applies to me!)
“Give me liberty or give me coffee!”

P.S. I took a look around RedSkyPottery's Etsy shop and all of her stuff looks really cool, so if you like pottery that's super unique and made right here in the U.S.A this might be the shop for you!

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