Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Organization Board

Well I didn’t mean to get on a theme here but sometimes it just happens okay!  Several weeks ago I came across this website where a guest poster (Moorea Seal) blogged about how she stays organized.  I was totally and completely in love with her organizational ideas and amazed at how well she keeps her life together.  Towards the end of her post she writes about this board she painted black and put post-its on.  I thought it was a really great idea and wanted to implement it in my own life, but taking the time and money to buy the supplies and then wait for them to dry was far too time consuming for my taste so I came up with a plan B….

Ta da!!  Ain’t she a beaut!?  Now it’s nothing like Moorea Seal’s version but it totally works!  Instead of paint and wood, I used cardboard (thank you new printer box! Hope I don’t have to return it!) and black construction paper.  Then I took colored construction paper and a handy dandy paper cutter, with a fun shaped blade, to cut out the titles of each section.  A little glue here, and a few post-it notes there and voila! A totally useable, totally awesome organization board….hopefully I’ll use it!

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