Monday, August 15, 2011

Get Organized

As many of you know, I love…LOVE to shop for office supplies.  Since its pretty much back to school time for most students (and I really just wanted to peruse the office supply section of Etsy) I thought I’d lend a helping hand with an organizational treasury, which you can find here.  As always, my favorites are listed below. 

  1. Chalkboard Wall Calendar – I think this is awesome.  It’s huge, so it’s almost impossible to miss something.  Plus all of the writing is done with a chalk ink pen allowing you to be as creative (or uncreative) as you want!
  2. Custom Pencils – now you don’t have to worry about people stealing your pencils.  You can have funny quotes, your name or pretty much anything you can think of written on these pencils (plus they will work on standardized testing forms!)
  3. Glossy Black Queen Anne Desk – I just love the interior of the desk drawer and that it matches the chair!  If I were in need of a desk (or if I had room in my house for it) this wouldn't be listed anymore because it would be sitting in my house.   Love the colors and the look and feel, and I think that this desk will help inspire creativity!
  4. Cosmo Cricket Planner – You can’t be organized if you aren't planning…or at least attempting to plan.  I love the layout of this shot and the flowers on the cover are a lot of fun.  It’s definitely something I would pick up and thumb through at a Barnes and Nobel.
  5. Office Supply Addict Button – okay, I know, this really won’t help with any form of organization but when I saw it I was like the world must know this exists! I hope there are other office supply addicts out there! Office Supply Addicts of the world UNITE!!

What’s your favorite organizational item?


Anonymous said...

A back pack. Carries everything, it's even better if it has good pocket setup, and if it can stand on it's own.

Jennifer said...

Ooh that's a good one and I totally agree, pockets make or break a backpack!