Friday, August 19, 2011

Melissa and Wesley

Maid of Honor, a prestigious title, second only to Bride, Groom and equal in strength as Best Man. This role comes with a ton of responsibility and not in the, let me order balloons and appetizers for this party, kind of responsibility (though you have to do that too). It comes with, no that dress doesn’t make you look fat, sure those flowers will match the napkins, your mother doesn’t hate you, and no hubby-to-be won’t refuse to marry you because you desperately want to have 'Everybody' by Backstreet Boys added to the playlist…but you should probably run it by him just in case. There is a lot to do, and while you’re definitely relieved when they finally say their ‘I-do's’ and it’s time to kick off your heels and shake your groove thang on the dance floor, getting there was still a lot of fun. I mean, before the wedding day is even close you get to spend hours with your friend doing all the things most girls like to do, shop, eat fancy food, try on frilly dresses and then go to the spa (gotta look great for your friends big day).

My roommates/best friends from college are getting married this September and I was asked to be not just the Maid of Honor but also the Best Man (we’re still trying to figure out logistics as to where I’ll stand and what I should wear). At first I was like wow how awesome, I get to be both! But then you start calculating in your head, that’s one shower, one bachelorette party, one bachelor party, and one wedding and OMG I’m going to be so insanely busy…and did I mention they live 468 miles away (yeah that’s right, I totally just Googled it)!? Luckily my wonderful friends thought of this and decided that the best option would be to have just one all inclusive party for the both of them just before the wedding. That party is next weekend, and naturally I made the invitations for them.

This is the one that was mocked up for purchase here at my Etsy shop.

Well with a party like this, one that will more than likely include a wedding gift or two, naturally, they will need Thank You cards, and guess who they asked to make them….yours truly! I’ve already started the design process and I’m totally in love with this font:

You can find it here.

I’ll keep you posted as the design process continues…since the party is next weekend you can guess this is going to be a rush order, who's pumped for a design-tastic weekend!!? ME!

Also, fear not friends! I have not forgotten about the Housewarming Party invitations, they’ll get their time to shine soon enough.

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