Friday, August 26, 2011

The Engagement Party is Tomorrow!!

The food has been ordered, the chairs and glasses have been rented, and a new dress has been purchased.  My friend’s pre wedding/engagement party is tomorrow and I’m totally excited!  Everything is falling into place quite nicely and despite the heat, it looks like tomorrow night is going to be a blast!  The thing I love to do when I’m all the way up in the far reaches of northern California in Chico, especially in the summer, is to wake up while it’s still cool out (summers like to be over 100 degrees here) and drink a cup of hot coffee.  Hopefully, the pot was brewed by Wes (I don’t know how he does it but every pot he makes is just perfect!).  I also like to drink in the sweet silence of a morning that hasn’t quite started to wake up yet. Everything is peaceful, everyone is quite, the birds have already caught their worms and are enjoying the post binge food coma, and it’s just so perfect I never want to leave.  Then I run out of coffee, or the neighbor’s dog starts barking, or the sun starts to shine directly on the spot that I was sitting just trying to give me cancer.  Not this time Sun, you can’t get me!

Okay, so memory lane aside, I’m supposed to have been making Thank You cards for this lovely couple (you can see my post from last week here).  Well with all the party preparation going on, and two other invitations in the mix, I might not have had time to get to these.  Well you’re wrong!  I actually finished and printed them on Monday (how’s that for proactive!).  However, I have my hard fast rule that you, my readers, can’t see them until after they are in the hands of the owners and that doesn’t happen until tomorrow, sorry.

Luckily I can show you some ideas I was toying with while making them.  I already showed you the font I wanted to use in the last post.  This time I want to show you this cute little champagne glass idea I have, you know, since it was a champagne party after all.

I chose a variety of colors and let Melissa pick the one that she liked the most.

For a little bit we were considering using their soon-to-be married name on the Thank Yous, who doesn’t love personalized stationary!?

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to show you the finished product until then…stay classy.

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