Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Celebration of the 3rd Decade

What is it about turning 30 that is such a big deal?  Is it that you’re no longer ‘in your twenties’ because I don’t remember 20 being that big of a deal, it was just the final step before 21, hello legal drinking age!  Or is it just the fact that you managed to not die for 3 decades that makes it special?  Most likely it’s just a great excuse to have a big party! 

Well I’m not turning 30 (at least not for a few more years) but my friend Gina is throwing a party for her friend who IS turning 30 (congrats!).  The event is a Safari in the Bay Area where there will be a) a safari (duh) b) a dinner and c) wine!  We’re calling it Rhinos and Winos (that might be the actual name of the tour but I’ll pretend to take credit for it…along with Gina of course), and I designed the invitation several months ago.  However, the actual revealing of the invitation won’t occur until after the birthday girl gets to see them so you’ll just have to wait!

I have already made the save the dates...and I thought that I had put them on Etsy but I just went to find them and surprise! They're not there.  So here is what they look like (eventually they'll make their way on to my Etsy Shop):

Now the thing I want to share with you (which happens to be my favorite thing about the whole invite/save the date) is the little "stamp" I made (note the theme above).

Isn’t that awesome!? 

The invitation goes out in September so stay tuned for the finished product, did I mention there is an extra cool thing we’re doing with this one?  I didn’t?  Oh well you’ll just have to come back and find out!

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