Friday, September 9, 2011

Etsy Craft Night - Magnets

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Etsy Craft Night - Magnets

Sometimes, my life is really busy and sometimes it’s not, but all of a sudden it’s September and I’m like, woah! When did that get here!?  Well on September 1 there was an Etsy craft night and usually I see it on my calendar a few days ahead of time but because it was on THE NEXT PAGE I didn’t see it until the day of.  Luckily, I hadn’t made plans for that evening and was able to go. 

The craft was making your own magnets using a kit they provided and cut outs from magazines.  Turns out, the same guy from the last craft night was leading this craft night.  Apparently he has a lot of awesome crafts in his Big Ass Book of Crafts (no really, that’s what it’s called).  I met some fun new people, one of which moved here from Boston, and I also managed to burn my fingers several times using the hot glue gun (no pain no gain right!?....sure…). The stuff on display at the museum was the same but I did take a quick jaunt through the museum store and found some really awesome mugs.  Check them out below!

Here are my magnets.  As you can see (upper right) there were some technical difficulties, they kept pulling themselves apart! My favorite one is the one that looks a little orange and has a moon (its the one that is closest to the camera in the lower left image).


I thought that these mugs were very cute and creative.  Great for kids...or adults who act like kids (which is all of us, don't judge!).  These mug are only for sale in their brick and mortar store but you can find out more info about it here.

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