Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mug Shot: Cup o' Crazy

This weekend, in an attempt to stay local (thanks carmageddon), I went to a new café (I’m sorry Starbucks, but I know you’ll still love me no matter what I do) called Caffe Bello.  I was actually looking for a different café but saw this one first (I later found the original coffee shop I was looking for and it was closed, so good thing I stopped!).  This place I found was a cute little Italian coffee shop where the barista actually spoke Italian.  Some of the barista’s friends were there and they were just chatting away over espressos in Italian.  It was so European, I almost forgot I was in LA!  Plus the best part (and the easiest way to get me to be a repeat customer) complimentary cookie with purchase of tea! The coffee cup I’m displaying today is the cup I received my tea in (see tiny cookie on the side there!).

This cup is fun and bright.  It has so many colors and it looks like the designer just scribbled all over it.  No rhyme or reason, just doodles.  I don’t know if it screams European but it’s definitely a nice cup to drink out of for a mid day coffee or tea that’s for sure.  I can just see myself reaching for this cup first in the middle of summer.  It’s like starting my day off with a cup o’ cheer.  Plus I think that the unruliness of what’s on the cup will perfectly match the drinker’s unruly head of hair – hello bed head!

PS!  So I went to Caffe Bello's website to add the link above and I saw that they have not one, not 2 but EIGHTEEN different flavors of hot chocolate.  Clearly, I didn't look very closely at the menu, and clearly I HAVE to go back now! Who wants to come with!?


Gina said...

Me - but I'm up in SF. :(

Jennifer said...

Well next time you're in town we will have to plan a "European Vacation" in LA

Melissa Vallandigham said...

Me! Me! Pick me!