Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mug Shot – Classic Starbucks Mugs:

Today is the first ever Mug Shot blog post.  This is a series that I’m starting today, right now, right this very second where I feature a coffee mug that I like.  It will either be beautifully designed or totally hilarious… or both!  This whole mug shot concept started a few years back when I fell in love with a new line of coffee cups sold by Starbucks.  It felt like every time I went there I found a new mug that I couldn’t help but pick up and admire.  I spent several megabytes on photographs of all of these wonderful mugs.  However, the fateful day came when my phone, which wasn’t backed up anywhere, ran away from home (and when I say ran away, I mean it fell out of my purse never to be seen or heard from again), taking all of those beautiful images with it.  Well, here we begin again with a new collection of mugs that I just can’t wait to share with all of you!

I figured that since my original obsession collection started with Starbucks Coffee mugs, I might as well begin this collection with something from, you guessed it, Starbucks.  This mug is really simple, I mean, REALLY simple.  It tells you the size of the cup and how to say it in Starbucksian (you know, tall/venti, none of this small/large business!).  That’s it, 2 words, a number and a star.  I think its simplicity is what makes me want to reach out and pick it up.  It’s like telling the world, hey I’m a coffee drinker, this is my cup, and I’m gonna sit here at Starbucks for 5hrs while I drink my coffee and work on my laptop.  If you have a problem with that, well tough!  To me this cup is like an access pass to an exclusive club of coffee drinkers.   You can walk in with your mug (get 10 cents off your coffee), sit down and be welcomed by the other regulars that frequent Starbucks just because you have your mug.  Soon you’ll have a whole set of new friends that you look forward to seeing when you go to your Starbucks all because you bought this one mug.  It’s a simple, yet bold statement that says to the world, I’m coffee drinker, and I’m proud.

If you want more friends to buy this mug you can click here.

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