Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Better Know a Designer: Me

You know, it’s always the first blog post where the writer doesn’t know what to do or what to say and so rattles on about how this is new and they’re not sure what to write, but they’re going to do it anyway (can you tell I’ve done this before?).  Well I’m just going to skip right over all of that nonsense and get to the point!  I’m a designer, I design, this is my blog and I’m about to blow your mind!  Ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe I’ll wow you?

I’ve noticed that the more I design, and pay attention to those little details, the more weird things I notice when I’m out in the real world (because clearly, I live in a fantasy world of cardstock, glue and OMG Adobe – yes I love you Adobe).  No joke, I notice the fonts in billboards and think what a clever idea it was to juxtapose those two words together like that.  I also notice when other people place advertising and their text isn’t centered properly.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me, I start to tilt my head and squint my eyes, hoping that maybe if I look at it just right it will appear to be centered and I can go on with my life. It really is amazing how much design is out there, and how easily we can overlook it. 

I love going to a stationary store, or even Barnes and Nobel and just looking at all of their Thank You cards.  They’re always totally different and completely awesome and it’s almost impossible for me not to walk out of the store carrying a metric ton of thank you cards (note the key word, “almost” I do have a small measure of restraint).  I’m not even sure I know a metric ton of people to send the cards to.  I’d just end up sending a bunch of cards to the same people. Not that my mom wouldn’t enjoy 300 Thank You cards and USPS would totally LOVE me, but think of all that handwriting that had to go along with it! My hand is cramping just thinking about it.

So yeah, expect to find stuff here on design, invitations, maybe a little about my life, random things I find interesting, and a bizarre sense of humor.  Hopefully you come back, I need more people to send thank you cards to!

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