Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

I just downloaded this new app on my iPhone called instagram, and by 'just downloaded' I mean its been sitting on my phone for several months now waiting for me to take the time to use it...which I did this weekend and let me tell you, that this app is so much fun to play with!  Here is my weekend, well really just Sunday.

Starting the day off right
Fruit basket!

Arnold Palmers

Flowers by my table at lunch

My friend's necklace from Pueto Vallarta

The clock down the street

Espresso shot time!

Kickin' off the new shoes to take a break

Bike riding gang, watch out, we have basets!

Sunset at the beach, taking a quick break

Waiting for the rest of the gang to catch up

The final rays of sun slipping over the edge of the world

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Lady J Yoga said...

i love these photos! and those shoes are AMAZINGGG!!! xo