Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something for Everyone Gift Guide

Its never too soon to be thinking about what kind of gifts to get people for *gasp* the holidays.  To get started I thought I'd make a generic gift guide that covered everyone.  Kids, adults, men, get the point. Shown below are my favorites but you can find the full treasury here

  1. Paris Postcard Collection - First I love the way they are all displayed in this picture, and even in frames (one of the other views available on Etsy) they look fantastic.  Plus the use of yellow in every picture makes me want to smile.  
  2. Hand Made Seed Bombs - I saw these and just thought it was such a great idea! What a great stocking stuffer.  Unfortunately you would have to wait until spring to use it but, um hello! it will bring butterflies, totally worth the wait!
  3. Game Boy iPhone Decal - Yup, you guessed it, nerd!  I saw this and laughed so hard, what a cool idea.  Takin' it old school while still being totally new school.  LOVE IT!
  4. Hand Painted Canvas Messenger Bag - First I was totally impressed by the hand painted part.  I couldn't paint this well if I tried (and I wouldn't try because some 5 year olds can put me to shame!). Then the witty comment and I knew I just had to add this to the list!
  5. Hand Tooled Leather Owl Case - Yet another hand made object.  There are just so many talented people out there! I love the owl, and the fact that each one is completely unique!

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