Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bake Sale Treasury

This week I was suddenly inspired to do a Bake Sale themed Treasury.  It ended up being more baking than selling, but that's okay.  All of this searching for baking things makes me hungry!  I think I'm going to get my bake on and make me something delicious, like those cupcakes pictured below (although, those are soap, so maybe not EXACTLY like the ones pictured below!)  My favorites are below, but for the full treasury go here.

  1. Sweetheart Apron - I think this is adorable and I love the pink bow and paisley...yup I'm a girl!
  2. Owl Recipe Box - I've been told that Owls are in this season.  Whether or not they actually I are I think this recipe box is a super cute place to keep all your recipes!
  3. Sign - Come on! If you're going to have a bake sale you have to advertise whats going on. What better way to do that then with a custom sign!
  4. Recipe Cards - Now you have some super cute cards to put in your super cute recipe box (see item #2). Then you should start calling family members asking for recipes.  Look, a way to keep track of recipes AND a way to bond with family, two birds, one stone WIN!
  5. Vegan Cupcake Soap - While its not edible (well maybe it is, I don't know) I just thought they were really cute and a *sweet way to get clean :) Plus they went along with the theme splendidly!

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